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by Kentucky Performance Products

Low in calories, high in nutrients, Micro-Phase is scientifically formulated for the easy keeper in your barn.

Everyone has one: a horse or pony that seems to live on air alone; one that eats mostly hay (and not very good hay at that), is restricted from grazing, and gets little to no grain. Micro-Phase offers the perfect solution by providing the vitamins and trace minerals necessary to support good health in a tasty, low-calorie pellet.

Micro-Phase is also excellent for horses that need extra nutrition on top of their regular concentrate meal, like lactating mares, hard-working performance horses, and seniors.

Micro-Phase Guaranteed Analysis (per 4 oz):
Crude Protein (min.) 15 g
Calcium (min.) 3 g
Phosphorus (min.) 1.5 g
Copper (min.) 136 mg
Selenium (min.) 1.8 mg
Zinc (min.) 400 mg
Vitamin A (min.) 40,000 IU
Vitamin D (min.) 4,000 IU
Vitamin E (min.) 720 IU
Thiamine (min.) 24 mg
Choline (min.) 650 mg
Folic Acid (min.) 12 mg
Niacin (min.) 120 mg
Pantothenic Acid (min.) 50 mg
Riboflavin (min.) 40 mg
Vitamin B12 (min.) 120 mcg

Serving Instructions:  1 scoop = 4 oz

Horses at maintenance, barren mares, ponies, miniature horses
Light training
½ scoop per day (2 oz)

Yearlings, pregnant or lactating mares, stallions
Moderate training
¾ scoop per day (3 oz)

Foals, weanlings, lactating mares (first 3 months), pregnant mares (last trimester)
Intense training
1 scoop per day (4 oz)

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