GLC 5500

GLC 5500 - 2lbs
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  • Clinically proven joint care
  • The only full spectrum formula with all-4 glucosamines + condroitin
  • Patented for maximum absorption
  • Veterinarian powder concentrate
  • 2lb tub
Joint health supplement for horses.

Why GLC 5500?
  • All competitive equine disciplines place your horse at risk for joint injury. Only GLC 5500 is clinically proven and trusted by the world’s greatest trainers, riders, and veterinarians to provide the first and best line of defense against the mechanical stress of competition and the natural wear and tear of equine athleticism.

  • GLC 5500 is fully patented and 100% pure. Our exclusive composition of all four bioavailable glucosamines helps maintain cartilage and hydration by elevating and sustaining levels more effectively than any other brand. Unlike other products that substitute perna mussels or unproven herbal agents in place of true chondroitin sulfate, GLC 5500 contains clinically proven CS A-4 to help reduce degenerative enzymes and speed recovery.

Athlete or old family friend, you demand the best for your horse, and GLC 5500 delivers!

Customer Reviews
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1. on 12/5/2010, said:
My horse is 25 and acts 15. I've had him on GLC and Hylamotion for about 3 years and I fox hunt with him every week. He loves to run and is still able to be a staff horse.
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GLC 5500

Active ingredients per 5.5-gram scoop: Chondroitin Sulfate, 1200 mg; Glucosamine HCl, 1200 mg; Glucosamine Sulfate Na, 1200 mg; Glucosamine Potassium, 1200 mg; N-acetyl d-Glucosamine, 300 mg; Ascorbate Na, 300 mg; Manganese Proteinate, 100 mg

GLC 5500 has the highest potency.

Potency is of the highest importance when looking for a joint supplement, and GLC 5500 far exceeds the competition. Pure glucosamine is stabilized by one of three salts, chloride (HCl) sodium (NaCl) and potassium (KCl) and is subject to rapid denaturing when exposed to moisture. Unfortunately many products such as pellets and liquids are manufactured in high moisture environments and subject the glucosamine to oxidation and significant losses in potency over time. GLC 5500 is a 100% pure, dry compounded composition insuring the freshest, most potent glucosamine you can buy.

GLC 5500 is palatable.

Pure glucosamine and chondroitin are highly palatable. The stabilizing anion and cation carriers chloride, sodium and potassium are evident in very small quantities (18mg per 1000mg) in glucosamine. This gives pure glucosamine a slightly salty flavor that horses love. GLC 5500 is a 100% pure, free flowing powder that is an easy addition to your horses feed

Directions: Follow the chart above to determine the correct dosage. Administer one dose in the morning and one dose in the evening to achieve the desired results for your horse.