Nursemate ASAP for Foals

Nursemate ASAP Foal Oral Gel
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  • Colostrum supplement formulated for the foals needs
  • Protects the newborn with natural defenses against bacteria, viruses and enteric parasites before nursing
  • 30ml tube
  • Special pricing on short-dated product; good while supplies last
by Sterling Technology

Guards Against Pathogens
Protecting the newborn with colostrum's natural defenses against bacteria, viruses and enteric parasites while he is on the ground, before nursing, while stimulating the foal's desire and ability to nurse the mother.

Prevents Gastric Ulcers
Sterling Technology has invested in research to show the efficacy of colostrum in human Gastro Intestinal tract problems. Research performed by Dr. Ray Playford in London, England, shows that Tegricel (patent pending) a product of Sterling Technology, is effective in reducing damage to GI tract more effectively than normal colostrum.

Using the same technology, a specially manufactured version of Nursemate may be useful in the prevention of gastric ulcers caused by physical and environmental stresses. Natural occurring properties found in colostrum help keep the gut conditioned and capable of reducing gastric ulcer.

Quick, Convenient & Effective
Nursemate concentrated formula doesn't leave the foal full and sluggish so they are hungry for the first feeding from mother.

30ml tube -- Give the whole tube as soon after birth as possible.
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