EPM Meds for Horses

Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis treatment and symptom control

How does a horse get EPM?

Any horse that eats hay or grain or grazes in a pasture is susceptible to getting EPM.  The natural carrier is the opossum.  The opossum feces contains the protozoan responsible for EPM. Opossum feces contaminates hay and grain out in the field or hay bales stored in sheds. The protozoan responsible for EPM is mixed with the hay or grain and is then ingested by the horse.  Once the protozoan reaches the gut it can then enter the bloodstream and eventually get into the brain stem. Once in the brain stem, inflammation (myelitis) occurs causing incoordination, muscle loss, or simply a loss of performance level.

EPM Prevention

Choose ParaNex-P to prevent your horse from getting EPM or to prevent symptoms from returning. ParaNex-P, no Veterinarian prescription required, works by disrupting the life-cycle of the protozoan responsible for EPM in the horse's gut before it can enter the bloodstream and ultimately the brain stem.

EPM Treatment

Choose between Marquis, ParaNex-R, Protazil, or SarStart to treat and eliminate the symptoms of EPM.

We Recommend:

Marquis - 127gm Oral Paste
Price: $219.95
Protazil - 2lbs
Price: $799.95
Rebalance Oral Suspension
Regular Price: $134.95
On Sale For: $108.45
SarStart for Horses - Gallon
Price: $109.00