Equine West Nile Vaccines

Risk of exposure and geographic distribution of West Nile virus vary from year to year with changes in distribution of insect vectors and reservoirs of the virus. Because of the unpredictable nature of those factors and the effects of the disease, it is recommended that all horses in North America be immunized against West Nile virus.

Vaccination is the primary method of reducing the risk of infection from West Nile virus to the horse but clinical disease is not fully prevented. Following the label instructions, primary vaccination of previously non-vaccinated horses involves administration of 2 doses of vaccine 3 to 6 weeks apart. In endemic areas, boosters are required or warranted according to local conditions conducive to disease risk. Vaccinate semi-annually or more frequently (every 4 months), depending on risk. Annual re-vaccination is best completed in the spring, prior to the onset of peak insect vector season.
MERIAL RECOMBITEK West Nile - Single Dose Vials
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Vetera West Nile
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