Pet Odor-Z-Way - 14oz

Pet Odor Z-Way - 14oz
14oz - powder
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  • Removes virtually any odor or stain that pets made
  • Uses
    • Litter boxes, pet cages, kennels, pet messes (vomit, urine, blood, etc), veterinary clinics, horse trailers, pet beds, etc


Are odors always coming from your litter box? Can you not get that urine stain out of your carpet? If so, you must use Odor-Z-Way®! Remove virtually any odor or stain with Odor-Z-Way®. Our odor and stain removal product is guaranteed to remove the odors and stains that your pet may cause. Odor-Z-Way® is a premier product on the market used for odor and stain removal. After all applications, be sure to seal your bottle of Odor-Z-Way® back up.  Once this product is exposed to the open air, it will begin absorbing immediately. You will be amazed what the Pet Odor-Z-Way® will do for your unwanted pet odors and stains!

Uses and Directions

    • Litter boxes, pet cages, kennels, pet messes (vomit, urine, blood, etc), veterinary clinics, horse trailers, pet beds, etc.

Litter Boxes

Odor-Z-Way® works excellent in litter boxes for ammonia removal and nuisance smells.  Just add in about 1/8 to ¼ cup of Odor-Z-Way® to the litter box.  For the best results add in the Odor-Z-Way® after you clean your cat’s litter box.  Once you add in the Odor-Z-Way®, stir it in with the cat litter.  This will allow the product to come in contact throughout the entire litter box, instead of just the surface.  Allow the Odor-Z-Way® to sit in the litter box for about one week, and throw it away when you clean your litter box out.  If you have multiple cats, then add an extra 1/8 to a ¼ cup due to higher usage.


For milder smelling kennels take ½ a can of Odor-Z-Way® and sprinkle it throughout the kennel.  For really bad odors take a full can and sprinkle it throughout the kennel.  Let the product stand for at least three days.  You may need to use more for higher usage.  Once three days has passed, just sweep up the Odor-Z-Way® and throw it away.  Reapply again to achieve the same results.


Pet Messes (vomit, urine, etc.)

For fresh urine messes on the floor, just add Odor-Z-Way® on top of the area.  No cleaning or dabbing is needed.  Add enough to cover up the mess.  Let this spot sit until the urine has dried, which will usually be about 12 to 24 hours.  Once the mess has dried then vacuum it up.  This will pull the ammonia out of the urine along with pulling the stain out of you carpet or floor.  If there is a small stain still present, then dampen the carpet down with a mister and cover the stain with Odor-Z-Way® once again.  Rub the product into the stain and let the affected area sit until it has dried.  Vacuum up and the stain will be gone.


Horse Trailers

Odor-Z-Way® is a superior product for removing ammonia and other odors out of horse trailers.  Simply take 7 ounces of Odor-Z-Way® (size of trailer and strength of odor may vary recommended amount) and sprinkle throughout the floor of the trailer.  Leave the Odor-Z-Way® sit for 12 -24 hours then wash out your trailer as you normally would.  You can leave the Odor-Z-Way® sit as long as you would like, as it will not harm anything to leave the product sit.  Of course, the Odor-Z-Way® will not harm the horse or the environment as the product is environmentally safe and pet safe.  You will notice a tremendous difference in the odor that comes from the trailer.  Along with removing the odor, Odor-Z-Way® also absorbs the ammonia which begins to eat up a trailer.  So, Odor-Z-Way® has a dual purpose as good maintenance for the trailer as well as to remove the bothersome odors.


Veterinary Clinics

Odor-Z-Way® is excellent in veterinary clinics for random odors of all types from surgeries, especially for neutering tom cats.  When you have these types of odors, place the Odor-Z-Way® in a dish where the odor is present.  Just let the dish of Odor-Z-Way® remain, even after the odor is gone.  This product will continue to absorb all odors in your clinic.  Make sure you stir the dish every couple of days, so the product can be used to its full potential.


This product also works on many stains on your clothing or carpet.  Applying the Odor-Z-Way® over the fresh spot and rubbing the Odor-Z-Way® in can remove stains, such as blood.  Leave the Odor-Z-Way® on the affected area until the area is dry.  Next, wash your clothes and the stain will be gone.  For dry stains, slightly dampen the affected area first, DO NOT soak, and then apply Odor-Z-Way®.  Rub the product into the affected area after applying.  Next, wash the article of clothing and the stain will be gone.


Pet Bed Odors

If your pet's bed odors are becoming too overwhelming for you, you want to use Odor-Z-Way®.  For a regular size bed, take approximately ¼ of a cup of Odor-Z-Way® and sprinkle into your pet's bed.  For larger beds or more usage, you will want to use more Odor-Z-Way®.  Within an hour you will notice a difference.  You do not have to remove the Odor-Z-Way® right away.  In no way is Odor-Z-Way® going to cause any harm to your pet.  You can leave the product sit in your pet's bed until the odor starts to come back or until the next time you clean their bed.  To clean up the Odor-Z-Way® you can either shake the product out, vacuum it out, or even wash the product out in the wash machine.  Odor-Z-Way® will take care of those nasty bed odors!

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