Chloronex Soluble Powder

Chloronex Soluble Powder
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  • Antibiotic for animal for use in drinking water

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Chloronex Soluble Powder is an antibiotic for animal use in drinking water. 


For the control and treatment of Bacterial enteritis (scours) (Esherichia coli and Salmonella spp.) and bacterial pneumonia (Pasteurella spp., Histophillus spp., and Klebsiella spp.)


Porcine Colibacillosis (Bacterial Scours) (Escherichia coli), and bacterial pneumonia (Pasteurella spp., Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae, and Klebsiella spp.)


For the control of Infectious synovtis, Chronic Respiratory Disease, Fowl Cholera (Pasteurella multocida),


For the control of Infectious synovitis, bluecomb (transmissible enteritis, coronaviral enteritis)

Dosage and Administration

Dosages in terms of packets per 256 gallons are based on stated dosages per unit of body weight and average water consumption of the species. Weather conditions, ambient temperature, humidity, age, class of livestock and other factors may affect consumption and, except where calves are drenched, the unit dosage should be used as a guide to effective use in drinking water. Animal must actually consume enough medicated water to provide the desired therapeutic dose under the conditions that prevail.

Prepare fresh solution daily. When used in plastic or stainless steel waterers or automatic waterers, prepare fresh solution every 24 hours. Stability loss may reduce effectiveness of the product.


Do not administer to chickens, growing turkeys, swine, and cattle within 24 hours of slaughter. Do not use in lactating dairy cattle and laying chickens. A withdrawal period has not been established in pre-ruminating calves. Do not use in calves to be processed for veal.


Chloronex is a registered trademark of Intervet Inc., d/b/a Merck Animal Health, a subsidiary of Merck & Co. Inc.
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