Lantus Insulin

Lantus Insulin
Solostar Pen - Insulin Pen - 3 mL. Per Pen
10 mL - Vial
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Veterinarian Prescription (RX) Required
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  • Use for the treatment of diabetes mellitus in dogs and cats
  • Comes in a vial or in a pen
  • Pen is 3 mL. with 100 units/mL.
  • Cooler item; must ship overnight

Needles sold separately, Please see CarePoint Vet Pen Needles!

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Lantus Insulin U-100 is used in the treatment of diabetes mellitus in multiple species including cats and dogs. It comes in various forms and strengths with corresponding syringes for each strength.

Lantus Insulin U-100 are used in the treatment of diabetes mellitus to aid in maintaining a normal glucose level. Insulin is responsible for the proper usage of glucose by cells in the body. It is given by subcutaneous injection. Purchase Insulin syringes separately. Multiple types of Insulin exist, so make sure you match the right type of syringe to your Insulin. Insulin needs refrigeration.