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  • Never worry about dog hair on your clothes again!
  • Place in washer and dryer
  • Good for MULTIPLE washes!


Do you have fur on your clothes and/or laundry?
Do you continually wash and dry your clothes and still have pet hair on them?

Use FurZapper®! It "zaps" fur right off of your laundry!

FurZapper® can
    • Remove pet hair from clothes and laundry while you wash
    • Be used in both the washer and the dryer
    • Prevent re-washing of your laundry, save on detergent, water & time
    • Be re-usable, hypoallergenic, and is safe for kid's clothing!

How it works 

FurZapper® removes pet hair from your clothes while you wash and dry them. The tacky surface clings to pet fur, cat or dog hair, lint, dander and other debris on your laundry! Remove your pet's hair from your laundry with FurZapper®!
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