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Zentrol - 60 ct. Tablets
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Zentrol® makes good sense for dogs that suffer from noise aversion. 
  • See positive effects in as few as 60 minutes.
  • Can be used as needed
  • Easy to administer
  • All natural active ingredients
  • Beef Flavored
  • No negative health effects even at up to 10x the recommended dose

Zentrol® Chewable Tablets are used for as-needed, natural management of noise aversion behaviors in dogs. Sensitivity to loud noises, including thunderstorms, fireworks, sirens, babies, social gatherings and new environments is called "noise aversion."
  • Veterinary behaviorists estimate that 23 million dogs in the U.S. experience fear and noise aversion disorders. 
  • Unlike dogs who startle and recover quickly, affected dogs are made uncomfortable by loud noises and begin such behaviors as hiding, panting, vocalizing, attempted escape, pacing, inappropriate elimination or even self-injury. 
  • Unaddressed behavior problems can damage the emotional bond between you and your dog and cause suffering at the expense of your dog's well being. 
  • Betulinic acid, the active ingredient in Zentrol®, is derived from two natural sources: Souroubea species, a vine that grown in central and South American rainforests, and the naturally shed bark of Platanus species trees growing in North Carolina.
  • When given as needed, the ingredients in Zentrol elicit a calming effect on those dogs that exhibit fearful behavior triggered by loud noises. 
Available Size: 60 count tablets

Guaranteed Ingredients: 
  • Sourobea spp. 1.10 g
  • Platanus spp. 0.90 g
Clinically proven to help reduce stress-related behaviors in as little as 60 min.

Directions for Use: 
Administer 1/2 tablet for every 11 lb. of body weight directly or with food at least 60 minutes before loud events that may cause stress-induced behavior changes in your dog, such as thunderstorms, fireworks, holiday activities or other similar events. 

Dosing Schedule: 
Up to 11 lbs.  1/2 tablet
12-23 lbs. 1 tablet
24-35 lbs.  1.5 tablets
36-47 lbs.   2 tablets 
48-59 lbs.   2.5 tablets
60-71 lbs.   3 tablets
72-83 lbs.   3.5 tablets
84-95 lbs.   4 tablets
96-107 lbs.   4.5 tablets
108-119 lbs.   5 tablets
120-131 lbs.   5.5 tablets
132-143 lbs.   6 tablets
144-155 lbs.   6.5 tablets

Storage and Safety: 
  • Store at controlled room temperature (68-77*F)
  • Keep our of reach of other animals and children
  • For dogs only
  • Should not be used to modify behavior in aggressive dogs
  • Intended for supplemental or intermittent use only
  • The most commonly reported reaction following administration was vomiting
  • Long-term use has not been studied

Other Information to Know: 
  • The natural components of Zentrol® have been reported to act together in as little as 60 minutes during a dog's exposure to loud noises, such as thunder. 
  • Inactivity time (withdrawal, hiding, cowering, pacing) increases in dogs that experience noise aversion. Inactivity time for dogs exposed to noise and given betulinic acid at both 1x and 2x the suggested dose was found to be significantly less than that of the placebo group. 
  • The blood level of the hormone cortisol is often used as a measure of stress. In dogs that are moderately to highly upset during exposure to noise, those given betulinic acid at 4x the suggested dose showed lowered cortisol levels that were nearly identical to the cortisol levels in dogs given diazepam, a drug used to treat anxiety and nervousness. 
  • When given to dogs for up to 28 consecutive days at up to 10x the recommended dose, no negative health effects occurred. 

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