Pro Biostatin

Pro Biostatin - 1lb tub
1lb tub - probiotic supplement
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Proven Bio-Regulator that Improves Energy, Muscle & Overall Health

  • Probiotic Supplement, 1lb tub
  • Safe for Use in Horses with Metabolic Syndrome
    • Reduces Gastro-Intestinal Stress in Performance Horses
    • Helps with Chronic Diarrhea & Colic
    • Improves Weight Management for Hard-Keepers


Formulated with the 2 most profound, well-researched, studied and registered probiotics worldwide, Pro Biostatin® is a true bio-regulator.
    • It improves hindgut flora, glucose metabolism and ATP conversion.
    • Pro Biostatin® increases feed efficiency, nutrient uptake and utilization.
    • In short, Pro Biostatin® helps to maintain an optimal environment in the GI tract.
    • Healthy Gut = Healthy Horse.

ProBiostatin is the ONLY probiotic available today that is both Gastric Shock Resistant and Antibiotic Resistant.

    • Probiotics are very fragile.
    • They are easily destroyed through exposure to gastric juices (in the horse’s stomach), extreme temperatures (during shipping or in the feed room), light (on store shelves), or oxygen (in the container itself).
    • Indeed, many probiotics are dead before they ever get off the store shelf.

ProBiostatin has addressed these issues by encapsulating our microflora into a stabilized yeast matrix.

    • This not only provides shelter and protection from the environment but also a source of nutrient rich food to sustain them while they wait to be fed to your horse.
    • Once inside your horse, they make their way through the digestive system, arriving to the hindgut where they are able to commence destroying the pathogens while supporting the proliferation of hindgut microflora.
    • By improving the environment, we restore balance, allowing the horse to more easily reach maximum potential.

Probiostatin is a stable, effective probiotic that has been proven to be a true bio-regulator, promoting and supporting the overall good health and optimal performance of the horse.

    • Supports & Increases Energy, Muscle, Feed Efficiency & Nutrient Uptake
    • Controls Colic & Chronic Diarrhea
    • Reduces Gastric Ulcers
    • Moderates Environmental Impacts on GI Tract (Travel, Stress, etc.)

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein, minimum%: 22.6%
Crude Fat, minimum%: 5.4%
Crude Fiber, minimum%: 8.5%

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