Air Blast

Air Blast for Horses
30 servings - 
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Price: $70.95

  • 30 servings
  • from the makers of Body Builder
  • A new powerful herbal liquid supplement providing support for breathing:
    • Energy and Stamina
    • Lung Function and Health
    • A natural bronchial dilator
    • Minimizes mucus buildup
    • Improvement in racing success
    • Increases air to the lungs


New Air Blast provides the highest quality herbal support for normal respiratory function and health in performance horses subjected to cold conditions, dust, pollen and other environmental factors that can hinder air intake and performance. A new powerful herbal liquid supplement designed to provide support for breathing:
    • Energy and endurance
    • Respiratory function and health
    • Bronchodialation
    • Excess mucus buildup


15cc daily and 50cc as close to the event as rules will allow. Bleeders or other severe respiratory conditions: give a 15cc twice daily

*****Does not test

Broncholidator Formula

Mullein extract, Eucalyptus extract, Elecampane extract, Ginger extract, Nettle extract, Peppermint extract, and Menthol crystals.


"I have been a trainer for over 40 years. Recently which I very rarely try a new product. Only reason I did is I trust the people who make as I have been using their Body Builder for last 7 years. Bottom line I used their Air Blast product with a couple of horses that are good, try all the time but come up short. Bottom line 4 starts 3 wins, 1 second. I noticed the finished much better and when they came back to the paddock you couldn't blow out a candle from their breath!! They obviously were and able to breath much- much better, therefore the results!!"
- P. Palmer

by EquiAide
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Product Facts
Serving Size: 15ml
Servings per container: 30

Mullein leaf extract
Eucalyptus leaf extract
Elecampane rhizome extract
Ginger root extract
Nettle leaf extract
Menthol crystals
Pepperming leaf extract

For Use in Horses Only
Air Blast provides herbal support for normal respiratory function and health in exercising horses.

Directions for use:
Shake well before using
Daily use: Orally administer 15ml per day
Event Day Use: Orally administer 45ml (2 to 4 hours before event)

If the animal's condition worsens or does not improve, stop product administration and consult your veterinarian.