SucroMate Equine

SucroMate Equine
10ml - 10 mL 
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Price: $603.23
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  • Deslorelin Acetate
  • For use in horses
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Sucromate is a sustained release gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) analog (deslorelin acetate) for ovulation induction in estrous mares.


Shake well before use. Administer 1 mL per estrus cycle to mare with 30-40 mm follicle. 


For use in horses (estrous mares) only. Do not use in horses intended for human consumption.


Store at or below 8ºC.

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Features of SucroMate          

  • Contains 1.8 mg/mL deslorelin acetate in a long-acting base    
  • Dose determination, field-based efficacy and safety and target animal safety studies involving hundreds of mares in three countries
  • Manufactured according to Current Good Manufacturing Principles    
  • Raw materials conform to USP standards    

Benefits of SucroMate

  • Reliably advances ovulation to within 48hrs, in 80% of mares treated -- Increases the efficiency of the breeding operation
  • FDA approved -- Veterinarians and owners/managers can have confidence in the reliability and consistent quality of the product
  • Batch to batch consistency and quality -- Veterinarians and owners/managers can have confidence in the product
  • Clinics can easily purchase and keep supplies on hand  -- Veterinarians will not lose time requesting compounded supplies
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