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Vaxamine EQUINE Apple - 90 Tablets
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Newest technology available to control pain caused by inflammation.

  • All natural Cox-2, 5-Lox inhibitor for horses (use as a treat or crumble up into the grain).
  • One container is a 30 day supply for ONE 1200 to 1300 lb horse.
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Växamine apple flavored wafers may be used as a treat or crumbled in the horse's food. One container is a 30 day supply for ONE 1200 to 1300 lb horse.

It is the only

  • All natural Cox-2, 5-Lox inhibitor for horses (use as a treat or crumble up into the grain)
  • Växamine Eq is the newest technology available to control pain caused by inflammation
  • Has the strength of 1 gram of bute paste without the side effects
  • Will not cause ulcers or kidney damage
  • There are no known side effects as seen with other anti-inflammatories like phenylbute (Bute), Banamine and Dexamethasone, etc.
  • Laminitis (founder)
  • Epiphysitis (enlarged joints on fast growing horses)
  • Navicular bursitis (early navicular)
  • Bucked shins
  • Arthritis of any joint
  • Växamine Eq™ blows away all the other so-called anti-inflammatories away like MSM, Yucca Devils Claw, etc.
  • Can be used in all ages of horses

Loading Period:
Double all suggested dosages for the first 2 -3 days and then refer to the suggested dose.

500 lbs 1-1/2 tabs per day
600-800 lbs 2 tabs per day
801-1000 lbs 2-1/2 tabs per day
1001-1200 lbs 3 tabs per day
1201-1400 lbs 3-1/2 tabs per day
1401-1600 lbs 4 tabs per day

Should always be given twice daily.  
Take the recommended daily amount and divide into an AM and a PM dose.

Testimonials ----
I have a 13 year old Oldenburg show hunter who developed overall stiffness and lameness. Clinically, he was 2/5 lameness in his left hind and off on his left front. Studies and x-rays revealed mild degenerative joint disease in both middle carpal joints. Inflammation was present in the left sacroiliac joint and a navicular bursitis was also revealed. In my quest to find a supplement to help him, I put him on Vaxamine EQ. (Expensive injections had only improved his lameness slightly.) Within one week I started to see a difference. It has now been eight weeks and I have my horse back again. He has been moving with ease and has started jumping again. He seems happy to work and I am thrilled to be riding my horse again. Thank you HVS and Vaxamine EQ!.
Linda S. -- Ringoes, New Jersey

We started our severely foundered mare on Växamine EQ one week ago and the improvement in her pain level and her movement is incredible. This mare is due to foal any day now and other drugs have side effects for pregnant mares so we were thrilled to find something that worked and was all natural too!! I can’t thank Dr. Biehl enough for helping us with this mare and suggesting Växamine EQ. L. and S. B. -- Gibbon, Nebraska

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with this product. I have a 20 y.o. retired dressage horse with both high and low ringbone. I've tried everything to make him more comfortable, from bar shoes, surgery (arthrodesis), to several grams of bute per day and every joint supplement on the market. As a professional sceptic, when I first saw your product, I thought "yeah, right, another nutriceutical...", but we were considering performing a neurectomy on Midas at that point, so what did I have to lose? He was grade IV/V lame at the walk while on 2 gms of bute per day. I cut the bute, started him on the Växamine, and within a few days he began trotting in the pasture. That was two months ago, and I am pleased to report that Midas is again servicably sound and we have started taking him on short trail rides. While he no longer has his big expressive trot, he seems comfortable and has no trouble keeping up with the other horses. In fact, he takes such big strides at the walk that the others have to trot to catch up! He regularly trots and canters around the pasture and is back to being a very happy horse. Admittedly, we did change his shoeing a couple of months ago, but I still belive that it is a combination of the shoeing therapy and the Växamine that has led to his improvement. Midas loves the Växamine, and will eat the tablets right out of my hand. I will gladly recommend Växamine Eq to my clients. Thanks for a good product. S., DVM

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1. on 7/4/2011, said:
My 22 yr old Morgan has been 'stiff behind' for years. We tried several products which worked some/for a short time. Vaxamine EQ was effective within a week, has kept him comfortable with no side effects for nearly 2 years. He thinks he is young again and plays vigorously with the young horses in his pasture. I have used the human product for 5-6 years and have successfully used the K9 product with our elderly Wheaten.
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