Simple administration, shorter regimen
  • Formulated in a low-volume paste that horses readily accept.
  • Administered once a day for 28 days.
  • Simple, low-dose regimen enhances owner compliance.
  • Packaged with four syringe barrels and four reusable plungers with a calibrated dosing ring. Each syringe barrel contains enough ponazuril to treat one 1,200-pound horse for seven days. The package contains a complete 28-day treatment regimen.
A combination of safety, efficacy and convenience in Marquis®
  • Cidal activity against Sarcocystis neurona.
  • Reaches central nervous system where damage occurs.
  • Proven efficacy.
  • Wide margin of safety.
  • Low dosage volume.
  • Short therapy duration.
  • Made by Bayer, a world leader of Animal Health products.

Marquis - 127gm Oral Paste
Price: $219.95