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SENTRY® HC WormX PlusTM broad spectrum wormer treats and controls 7 strains of worms: 2 tapeworms, 2 round worms and three hookworms. Comes in a easy and convenient chewable. And is packaged in 2 count and 12 count tabs for Small dogs and Medium-Large dogs.

SENTRY® Natural DefenseTM products are highly effective, yet they’re safe for use around your pets and your family when used as directed. Over hundreds of millions of years, certain plants have developed highly effective defense mechanisms against potentially harmful insects. Now, SENTRY has harnessed the power of these natural botanical extracts to produce a line of flea, tick and mosquito control products that features natural active ingredients such as peppermint oil, cinnamon oil, lemon grass oil and thyme oil. The exclusive formulations that feature these ingredients are safe to use around children and pets, but they're deadly to biting pests.
Sentry Natural Defense Flea Shampoo - Cats
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