Preventic® Collar for Dogs

Provide your dog the ultimate in tick protection. A Preventic Collar for dogs helps kill ticks and prevent Lyme disease while reducing the risk of other tick-borne diseases.

Preventic kills and detaches ticks in small, medium-size and big dogs within hours and prevents new ticks from attaching for up to three months. With Preventic for dogs, there is less need to pick off ticks by hand. It is effective for dogs of all sizes, three months and older.

How does Preventic Work?
Preventic for dogs works as a time-controlled slow-release system. Over three months following the fitting of the collar, the active ingredient is released at the correct consistent level. Preventic delivers the exact quantity needed. With Preventic, there is no inefficient underdosage or useless overdosage! Preventic uses the normal oils of your dog's skin and haircoat as a vehicle to homogeneously spread the active ingredient over the dog from head to tail, protecting all areas. When fitting Preventic Tick Collar for the first time on your dog, allow approximately 24 hours for all parts of the body to be covered and for Preventic to become fully protective.

Price: $23.20