Solitude IGR  by Pfizer

SOLITUDE IGR (cyromazine) is an entirely innovative way to keep flies, and the disease they bring, away from your horses. As a safe, easy dose, it works in manure to prevent flies from developing into adults. Treat all your horses and the result is a comfortable, nearly fly-free environment.

Solitude IGR Pellets is an insect growth regulator that inhibits development of the exoskeleton in immature house and stable flies preventing them from becoming adults.

Studies have proven that after initial administration of Solitude IGR:significant results are observed within 2 weeks. Full benefit is observed within 4-6 weeks.

Safe even at 100 times the daily dose.

Solitude is made from Alfalfa. Top dress Solitude on horse feed. No matter the size or age of your horse, you feed 1 scoop per day. (1/2 oz per day).

The cost is about 50 cents per day per horse.

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Solitude IGR Pellets
Price: $101.95