Snap Foal by IDEXX

The SNAP* Foal IgG Test is an enzyme immunoassay for semi-quantitative detection of immunoglobulin G (IgG) in equine serum, plasma or whole blood. Diluted whole blood, serum or plasma and conjugate reagent are added to the SNAP* device. The device is then activated, releasing reagents stored within the device. Color development on the sample spot of the device is proportional to IgG concentration in the test sample. Calibrator spots on the device develop color corresponding to sample IgG levels of 400 mg/dL and 800 mg/dL. Comparison of the intensities of color development on the sample spot and the calibrator spots allows an assessment of IgG level in the test sample. Color development on the calibrator spots indicates that the assay reagents are active.

Instructions for Use
• Kit reagents and devices must be at 7–29°C (45–85°F) when used.
• Whole blood, serum or plasma can be used.
• Whole blood must be anticoagulated with EDTA or heparin, and can be used either fresh or refrigerated at 2–7°C (36–45°F) for up to one week.
• Serum or plasma can be used fresh or stored at 2–7°C (36–45°F) for up to 14 days.
• Hemolyzed samples will not affect results. EDTA or heparin in whole-blood and plasma samples will not affect results.

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