Praziquantil Products

We carry Praziquantil (tapeworm medication) in compounded liquid form in 27mg or 54mg. We also carry it in a 34mg tablet.

The adult tapeworm is small (1-4 mm) and resides in the intestinal tract of the definitive host (wild or domestic canids). Eggs from the adult tapeworm are shed in the feces of the infected canid. Rodents such as mice and voles serve as the intermediate host for E. multilocularis. Eggs ingested by rodents develop in the liver, lungs and other organs to form multilocular cysts. The life cycle is completed after a canid consumes a rodent infected with cysts. After ingestion of an infected rodent, larvae contained within the cyst develop into adult tapeworms in the intestinal tract of the canid. Eggs may begin to be passed in the feces of the canid approximately 28 days later.

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Praziquantil  34mg - 50 count
Price: $142.95