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Vita Flex® Pure C™ contains only absolutely pure vitamin C (ascorbic acid). No fillers of any kind have been added. Pure C is not only the purest available form of vitamin C,it’s also your best value. Vita Flex Pure C is a useful,highly palatable addition to equine feeding programs.

Concentrated Value Although in horses vitamin C is produced in the liver, optimum health during periods of stress, intensive exercise, illness or injury may require more vitamin C than the body can produce. Vitamin C, sometimes called the “workhorse of the vitamins”, is required in hundreds of metabolic processes. Vita Flex Pure C™ contains only premium grade, very palatable pure ascorbic acid, for maximum flexibility and value. Pure C is the most economical, most effective way to enhance horses' diets with the benefits of vitamin C.
Pure C
Price: $45.95