Bronchi-Shield ORAL

Bronchi-Shield ORAL
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  • The ONLY Kennel Cough Vaccine you give ORALLY
  • 25-dose tray
Introducing the only kennel cough vaccine you can give orally
Easy to administer for mucosal absorption that's proven in a challenge study.

Simply squirt the vaccine into the buccal cavity.

Vaccinate in a few easy steps:
  • pull diluent into the syringe
  • inject water into the cake to reconstitute then shake
  • draw vaccine back into the syringe
  • remove the needle
  • insert the syringe in the buccal cavity of the dog's mouth
  • instill 1ml of vaccine on oral mucosal surfaces

An easy-to-give oral mucosal vaccine without the hassles of intranasal adminstration.

By Boehringer-Ingelheim

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