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Vaxamine HUMAN Tablets

Vaxamine HUMAN Tablets

Vaxamine HUMAN Tablets

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Great for dogs too!
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New Maximum Strength Formula!

All-Natural Växamine Offers Safe, Effective Alternative to Anti-Inflammatory Drugs!

This same product can be used in dogs at a rate of 1 tablet/30-45lbs of body weight, twice daily. You will see the difference in 3-4 days.

Introducing Växamine Maximum Strength™, an incredible evolution in pain relievers. Now you can experience fast, safe relief from pain and Inflammation with none of the potentially harmful side effects commonly experienced with prescription drugs. Many common pain relievers, both prescription and OTC (Over The Counter), can cause stomach problems and even cardiovascular issues. Växamine Maximum Strength™ was formulated as a natural alternative to such drugs as Vioxx®, Celebrex®, Ibuprofen, and other NSAID’s. Using patented technologies and natural botanical extracts, we have developed a proprietary formula that inhibits two enzymes that are actively involved in the Inflammatory process.

Växamine Maximum Strength™ is for the relief of chronic and acute pain and Inflammation. Although Växamine Maximum Strength™ does not cure any disease clinical studies have shown it to be as effective and, in some cases, more effective than prescription strength anti-Inflammatories. Talking to an approved Växamine Maximum Strength™ provider will help you understand the enormous benefits this natural product has to offer. In the meantime, we hope this site is successful in providing you with valuable information about Växamine Maximum Strength™.

Växamine Maximum Strength™ can be used in any condition where the person would benefit from a reduction in inflammation. Some examples might be:
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Headaches
  • Low Back Pain
  • Neck and Shoulder Pain
  • Musculoskeletal Pain or Soreness
  • Muscle Aches and Pain ( General aches and pain )

… as well as any other form of chronic or acute Pain & Inflammation.

Why Choose Växamine Maximum Strength™ Over Other Pain Relievers?
Växamine Maximum Strength™ is completely natural and safe. If you are worried about the effects of drugs currently on the market, you should consider Växamine Maximum Strength™. Växamine Maximum Strength™ produces none of the harmful side effects, yet provides effective pain relief. This means no ulcers, gastrointestinal bleeding, cardiovascular problems, or other issues currently being experienced by patients using prescription drugs or OTC pain relievers. 

"I've been taking Vaxamine for humans for over 5 years. I couldn't practice without it." ~ Dr. David L. Biehl, DVM
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1. Piete on 12/4/2012, said:

Excellent product!!! Has significantly lessened overall aching and joint pain, decreased stiffness, decreased fatigue related to inflammation-all with no GI side effects. Best product I've ever used. I still need some traditional NSAID's at times, but, much less often. I feel SO much better than before starting it.
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2. Robyn on 10/26/2011, said:

I'm so impressed with Vaxamine. I've been suffering from arthritis for years and for the past 3 years I've been having Synvisc injections in my knees to help lubricate the wear that has occurred under my kneecaps. The injections helped a lot in the beginning, but haven't been as effective this last year, with the positive effects lasting only about 2-3 months. I've been taking Vaxamine for 3 months now, and the ache in my knees is pretty much gone! I'm not waking up to pain at night, and the tendons in my feet are no longer stiff in the morning. I can walk with a normal gait. I'm hoping that I will no longer need injections in my knees to keep me going since I try to lead a fairly active lifestyle. One of the big benefits with Vaxamine is I've not had any stomach upset when taking this product, and my stomach is highly sensitive. I can even take this product on an empty stomach and not experience stomach upset. I highly recommend this product. Follow the instructions and give it a little time to work. BIG thanks to the developers of Vaxamine!!
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3. Linda on 7/4/2011, said:

Love it! I have used Vaxamine since it was introduced 6+ years ago. I have fibromyalgia and a high sensitivity to meds, foods, perfumes, etc. so many things. After 2 weeks of Vaxamine I was moving and feeling better. I eliminated one of my prescription drugs. I didn't realize how much the Vaxamine was helping until I accidently ran out over a long weekend! Within 3 days I was stiffer and uncomfortable. By day 5 I was waking up at night. My order arrived quickly and on their advice I doubled up for 2 days. By day 4 I was getting back to normal. I will never run out again. I was in the medical field for 30+ years and know what 'hard' drugs can do to your body. I am so glad I have Vaxamine. Oh a pleasant side effect is that I have much less problem with my allergies and was able to quit my allergy med.
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