Stomach Soother

Stomach Soother - 32oz
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Natural Plan Stomach Soother™ is an all natural treatment for stomach distress and digestive disturbances in horses. It's made from Hawaiian papaya - the best there is, grown in rich volcanic soil under the tropical sun. Papaya contains papain which can stimulate the appetite, soother the digestive tract and calm inflammatory bowel disorders. Our product does NOT test and it can be used long or short term. It's easy to give since Natural Plan Stomach Soother™ is sweet tasting and horses love it! The prestigious equine publication Horse Journal declared in its March 2005 issue that Natural Plan Stomach Soother™ provided "rapid relief within 3-5 days" for horses exhibiting symptoms of "poor appetite for grain, mild depression or irritability and sporadic belching or tooth grinding."

• Easing Ulcer Pain
• Stimulating Appetite
• Treating Diarrhea
• Easing Trailer/Stall Stress
• Stopping Cribbing
• Giving Medications
• Avoiding Digestive Upset
• Easing Foal Stress
• Helping Maintain Weight

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