Micro B-12 5X

Micro B-12 5X-6ml Syringe
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6ml Tube
by Oralx

Micro B-12
5X Vitamin B-12 oral gel. Micro B-12 5X is 5,000 micrograms of Vitamin B-12 concentrated into a 6ml oral-dose syringe.

Vitamin B-12 is essential for these normal functions in animals:

  • Growth, health, feed efficiency and reproduction
  • Formation of red blood cells
  • Nervous system functions
  • Hair growth
  • Carbohydrate and fat metabolism
Indications: Administer entire contents onto back of horse's tongue. Horses in training and competition: Administer 12 to 24 hours prior to competition or event. Administer additional syringe mid-week. Should also be administered prior to any anticipated stressful situation.
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