BC2A Paste

BC2A Paste - 55gm Syringe - 1 dose
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55gm syringe - 1 dose syringe 

This Branched Chain Amino Acid formula, reduces muscle lactic acid concentrations, and reduces working heart rate. And provides effective tie-up control measurements. 55gm syringe.

Works Safely
  • Does not test
  • No Known contra-Indications
  • Non drug - nutritional composition
Works Naturally
  • Uses Mother Nature's own buffering process
  • Not a foreign substance - a normal dietary constituent
  • Pre-digestive L-Crystalline form of branched chains
  • Rapidly absorbed, not metabolized by the horse
  • Balanced branched chain ratio for maximum effect

Works Effectively
  • Reduces lactic acid levels by up to 50%
  • reduces heart rate during training by up to 15%
  • Spares effects of associated trauma from exertion
  • Enhances skeletal muscle adaptation to exercise training
  • Provides preferential supply to the body's buffering system

Works Conveniently

  • Cost effective
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