Bute Powder (Apple)

SuperiorBute Powder (Apple)
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SuperiorBute Powder

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Non Compounded Bute Powder.
  • 3.5cc dispensing spoon is equal to 1 gram tablet
  • 100 grams of sweet apple flavored bute in every bottle
  • A quality that 'compounders' can't duplicate
  • 98% of horses loved the flavor in independent tests
  • Only FDA approved ingredients used
Are you tired of seeing that "bitter bute face" on your horse? Do you have a crazy story about trying to trick your horse into taking it's bute? Have you ever wondered why you can't just get a good-tasting bute that's easy to administer without having to compromise on quality?

Now you can. The sweet apple flavored SUPERIORBUTE® POWDER is the only FDA-approved Phenylbutazone powder that is

Do your horse a favor and tell your Vet that you want SUPERIORBUTE® POWDER, America's Premium Bute.

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  • The ONLY FDA-approved apple flavored phenylbutazone powder for horses
  • 100gm tub
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