EST 60 Hour Disposable Shipper

EST 60 Hour Disposable Shipper
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  • EST XL 1 Disposable w/SYRINGE 
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Standard foam internals, a UV coated corrugated outer box, a 64 oz. coolant brick, and a convenient handle make the EST an excellent choice for single use applications.

Up To 60 Hour Performance
  • Internal payload container which will accommodate either:
    • two 50cc syringes
    • or two polyethylene jars for bagged semen
  • Custom sized, reusable refrigerant 64 oz. coolant brick
  • Easy access to shipping documentation
  • 2 l/2-inch wall expanded polystyrene insulated container
  • UV coated corrugated outer box,
  • EST 60hr. is an excellent choice for single use applications.
Plastilite’s EST Equine Semen Transporters set the standard for effective, user-friendly, and economical shipping of cooled equine semen. You can ship confidently, knowing that all EST models start with two inches of foam insulation, a generously sized coolant pack, and Plastilite’s 50 years of experience in the insulated packaging industry. The versatile clamshell payload tray accommodates either jars or 60 cc syringes, and the built-in carrying handle (standard on the EST, ESTXL, and ESTXLH) provides a level of convenience not found in most other shippers. Finally (and maybe most importantly), the EST’s superior performance means you can avoid the expense of lost shipments, while benefiting form it’s outstanding reputation in the equine A.I. industry.
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