Allerderm EFA-Z Plus Liquid

Virbac EFA-Z Plus - 8oz
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8oz bottle 
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by Virbac

High potency fatty acid formula with zinc and other nutrients. Promotes healthy skin and luxurious coat. 8 oz bottle.


ALLERDERM EFA-Z PLUS® is a palatable, nutritional supplement containing fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Specially formulated liquid dietary supplement that contains fatty acids, vitamins, and zinc for dogs and cats.
  • Contains concentrated omega-6 essential fatty acids, vitamins A and E, and zinc in a specially formulated liquid for use as a nutritional supplement.
  • Vanilla-flavored liquid provides excellent palatability.
  • Administer once daily. Apply to food for maximum absorption of fatty acids and fat soluble vitamins; 1 pump for every 15 lb of body weight.
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