Collasate Products  by PRN

Collasate products are available in spray and topical dressing.

Collasate Spray can be used on any animal and is totally natural to the body.  Collasate® Spray provides all the healing benefits of collagen:
  • Reduces pain and itching
  • Protects wound bed
  • Provides moist healing environment
  • Promotes natural autolysis by rehydrating and softening necrotic tissue
Collasate Postoperative Dressing interacts with surgical or trauma sites at every stage of healing. Collasate acts as a tissue adhesive, helps to prevent bacterial infection and protects the site from mechanical insult. Collagen provides a matrix for cellular colonization and subsequent connective tissue formation1 and reduces the potential for scarring2.

Collasate is easy to handle and conforms to any site. It reduces pain and is soothing and deodorizing. And Collasate can be used on any type animal, including birds and reptiles. Collasate has no known contraindications.

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