Flea, Tick & Heartworm

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Keep pests away -- in many forms such as topicals, sprays, and chewable tablets. Also shop for shampoos and foggers. The reputable brands we carry will keep your pets pest-free.

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Bravecto Feline Topical Solution for Catss
Price: $42.95
Capstar Tablets for Dogs and Cats
Price: $30.95
Cheristin for Cats - 6 Doses
Price: $89.95
EasySpot for Cats
Price: $29.99
Ecto Soothe 3X Shampoo
Price: $10.95
Effipro for Cats
Regular Price: $28.50
On Sale For: $22.50
Frontline GOLD for Cats
Price: $47.95
Frontline PLUS for Cats
Price: $37.75
Frontline Spray
Regular Price: $32.95
On Sale For: $28.25
Knockout TREATMENT - 14oz
Price: $12.95
Knockout Room FOGGER - 6oz
Price: $10.95
Sentry Natural Defense Flea Shampoo - Cats
Regular Price: $7.50
On Sale For: $5.70
Provecta for Cats
Price: $23.95